Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance

You invest a great deal of money into vehicles for your company; whether employee-driven cars or other such vehicles used in the course of business, having the right kind of coverage can certainly give you peace of mind and of course help safeguard these valuable assets. With Abraham Insurances' commercial vehicle coverage, you get comprehensive protection designed with your specific needs in mind. 

Among the coverages we offer:

  • Liability: You are protected (for up to 2 million) in the event that a claim is brought against you as a result of damage that occurs when your company vehicle was involved.
  • Accidental Loss: The vehicle will be covered in the event that it is damaged or destroyed due to a sudden or accidental event.
  • Loss of Use: If the vehicle requires repair and the company must therefore make other arrangements in the interim, the costs will be covered for up to a specified sub-limit.
  • Employee Vehicle Coverage: If an employee is using a vehicle in connection with company business, the costs of any damage incurred will be covered up to a specified sub-limit.
  • Window & Glass: Inevitably windshields and other such glass partitions will get cracked and/or broken. Included in your commercial vehicle policy is the cost of replacement or repair.
  • Loss of Goods in Transit: If your vehicle happens to be damaged while transporting goods relevant to the nature of your business, the cost of any goods consequently lost will be covered up to a specified sub-limit.

Having comprehensive coverage is critical when you’re dealing with your business’s assets. Our commercial vehicle policies are personalized for each of our clients. We would appreciate the chance to discuss your company vehicle needs and quote your next commercial policy. 

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