Marine Cargo Insurance 

A fairly specialised niche within the insurance industry, policies for commercial carriers, cargo ships and pleasure craft are increasingly becoming more and more accessible. At Abraham Insurance, we want to work with you to ensure that your vessel, whether for personal or business use, has all of the necessary coverage that it needs. After all, it’s about making sure that your investment is in reliable hands and that you are in fact covered should any damage, loss, or injury arise.

We offer a broad range of coverages and we always custom tailor an insurance solution to your specific requirements;

Recreational/Pleasurecraft boat coverage:

We can devise a policy designed to cover your pleasurecraft in the event of loss or damage. Additionally, we offer options should you require towing services, medical expenses or salvage reimbursement.

  • Fishing or diving equipment: We offer optional benefits to insure all of your valuable maritime equipment and accessories.
  • Racings Coverage: Some take their boat racing seriously and we want to help protect your investment. This coverage applies to damage that may occur to our vessel before or during the big race!
  • Floating Moor, Dry Dock: Protection in the event of loss or damage to the structure associated with your pleasurecraft.


Marine Cargo Insurance:

Sometimes the cargo aboard is as valuable as the watercraft itself. This is why we feature a complete range of cargo coverages. From precious cargo loss, to hazardous or nonstandard cargo risks, we can develop a policy that addresses all of your cargo-related needs. The policies we offer cover goods being transported whether by air, sea or rail against damage or accidental loss. We also have options that take into account the salvage reimbursements and general average.


Single Transit Cargo Coverage:

If you only carry cargo once in a while, we can design an affordable policy that still has you completely covered. For both commercial cargo and personal effects, our specialists will work with you to pinpoint your transit needs. And we can accommodate both domestic and international means of transport.


Consequential Loss:

If there is a delay or loss of cargo whether due to damage, theft or natural disaster, we have plans available that can help recoup lost business expenses. From the loss of profit, to project delays to any additional fees incurred because of the cargo issue, our policies are designed to protect your business.


Marine Open Policy:

For those who regularly ship cargo, a marine open policy may be exactly what you need. Comprehensive coverage for all of your cargo transports.


Commercial Hull Coverage:

Protecting your vessel is critical. With our marine hull coverage in place, you know that your boat, ship, ferry or commercial liner is covered should it incur damage. Additionally, we offer emergency towing coverage as well as insurance policies that address wreckage removal needs and salvage expenses.

  • Fishing Vessels: Whether a larger operation or a smaller inshore endeavor, we can design a policy that addresses your needs should your vessel incur damage or any type of loss.
  • Helmsman Policies: Specifically geared toward larger charter operations and tourist boats, with this plan, you are protected as far as loss or damage to the vessel’s machinery, physical loss or damage, accidental loss, coverage for gear and equipment, liability coverage, as well as limited personal effects. Your vessel is subsequently covered whether on land or at sea.


Carrier’s Transit:

  • Particularly if your business involves transporting cargo, you want to make sure that you’re protected against any damage that might occur to the items in question as well as any associated costs such as cleanup, debris removal and/or liability expenses. We can create an all-encompassing policy that keeps you protected.
  • Comprehensive Liability: For those who regularly move cargo and thus need coverage to insure against third party loss or damage.
  • Charter Boats: With a commercial charter, you absolutely want to have a comprehensive liability policy in place, particularly when it comes to vessel damage and/or any third party liability issues that may arise.
  • Marina Operations: If you own a marina in New Zealand, having liability insurance is a must. We can review your operations and quote you a policy tailored to your marina’s specific needs.



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