Privacy Policy

Upon interacting with our website, you may be inputting information and personal data. This policy outlines how we use, store and protect any sensitive information with which you provide us. 

In using this site, you understand that Abraham Insurance may use your personal, collected information exclusively as outlined in this policy. 

As you may supply us with the following: name, address, phone number, and email address, we will use this information accordingly, as follows: to contact you regarding any inquiries you may have sent, to send you promotional materials, to distribute newsletters or similar, to provide business/commercial related information as we deem necessary to fulfill any requests you may have submitted. In the above matters, we will use the information and personal data that you have voluntarily submitted. 

As you trust us with your personal data, we will make every assurance not to intentionally disclose or share this information with any other party, to which you have not consented. However, if there should be security issues, such as an online breach of security or a threat in any way to physical or personal property to us or to anyone else, then we may have to release your personal information. 


If a security breach should somehow occur, we will make every effort to notify you promptly.

It is important to remember that technology however can be vulnerable; therefore, while we do everything within our power to secure your information, we cannot absolutely guarantee this. When entering any personal information you are therefore consenting to do so at your own risk. 

Also, understand that we have no control over the information as it pertains to and can subsequently be collected by third parties. We therefore can in no way guarantee the security of information you provide. Resultant third party use of your information is thus out of our control.  

Our site may make use of cookies in order to determine the way that visitors utilize our site.  Such information is helpful to us in terms of online and marketing strategies.  If, however, you prefer not to have such cookies stored on your computer, you can always change browser settings to reject cookies. 

From time to time check back and review this privacy policy. It is within our discretion to make changes and/or updates as we see fit.